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Batting Partnerships

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1240 Adam Stone - Andrew Walden Dubbo Newtown Cricket Club Inc.KELLY CUP1 1 Dubbo CYMS White
2152 Christopher Morton - Martin Jeffrey RSL Colts Cricket Club DubboWHITNEY CUP1 1 Dubbo Rugby
3106 Harry Roscarel - Nicholas Karydis South Dubbo Cricket ClubPINNINGTON CUP2 1 South Dubbo Lemons
478 Glenn Healey - Campbell Stewart Dubbo Rugby Cricket ClubKELLY CUP2 1 RSL Colts United
563 awesh khadal - Shoriful Islam Dubbo Newtown Cricket Club Inc.KELLY CUP1 1 Dubbo CYMS Green
671 Preston Beauchamp - Wesley Giddings RSL Colts Cricket Club DubboPINNINGTON CUP1 1 South Dubbo Limes
757 Archie Morgan - Lachlan Smith South Dubbo Cricket ClubPINNINGTON CUP4 1 Dubbo CYMS Cougars
858 Mitch Bower - Ben Taylor RSL Colts Cricket Club DubboWHITNEY CUP5 1 Dubbo CYMS Cougars
978 Richie Deebank - Nicholas McGirr RSL Colts Cricket Club DubboKELLY CUP2 1 Macquarie Cricket Club Blue
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